My monochromatic confession

I have a confession to make…despite being a girl, I’m not very good at identifying colours. That sounds sexist, I’m sure, but I once watched an episode of Brain Games that claimed that women have a greater capacity for identifying different shades of the same colour than men. Well, I’m not one of those women.

Not only am I limited to the twelve colour spectrum in identifying colours, sometimes I’m in blissful ignorance as to what the colours around me actually are. I once had a shirt which I thought was a dull shade of greenish black, only to be told by my friend who had seen me in it several times that it was actually purple. Now I know what purple and green look like so you can imagine my surprise, but once I concentrated on the shirt in baffled silence, I realized she was right. It HAD been a weird shade of purple. That was a day of revelations!! (And no, I’m not colourblind)

I’ve been corrected several times by my friends that what I’m looking at a shade of violet, not blue/purple, or  beige, not pink, and so on. I can never recall the names of the more complicated colours. Why can’t we just refer to the different shades of blue as light or dark blue, or even purplish blue? I suppose that will be my eternal confusion. And matching different colours and figuring out what works with what–nightmare. So I feel the most comfortable in monochromes, which I can mix and match and be assured I don’t look like a mash up of different warring colours. 🙂


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