Deadlines and Procrastination

What is it about deadlines, anyways? You have something looming ahead of you that requires at least 50% of your concentration, and suddenly everything else in the world aside from that becomes a hundred times more interesting. You know what I’m talking about! Only robots never procrastinate.

I, however, have perfected it to an art form. Whenever I have something important to do (which for me usually involved preparing for some exam–which, boring), things that I had been putting off for years suddenly become amazingly, irresistibly interesting, like shining beacons tempting me to the dark side. Novels that I felt would be too meh to bother with suddenly seem fascinating and alluring, series that never perturbed me suddenly become essential to my day to day routine. My brain becomes active with theorizing and analyzing characters, guessing storyline, posting reviews, READING reviews…I have to say, some of my best creative work: done before exams.

I remember huddling in blankets two hours before my O levels exams, waiting to be driven to school to appear in examinations, typing furiously a scene that popped in my head and seemed to just drive me to write it down on paper (That was my writing phase). The adrenaline rush would be giddying, even as the clock ticked away. Watching Avatar the Last Airbender, learning how to paint, playing on a keyboard on my cellphone, pondering on human existence, even reading Twilight (!) all was extremely good fun RIGHT WHEN I WASN’T MEANT TO DO THEM.

Is it the lure of forbidden fruit? I’m certain that must be the biggest reason. As humans we enjoy bending convention, even in our own small way. Perhaps it’s the fact that your mind is so engaged during critical times that everything seems heightened, more potent, more meaningful somehow. Perhaps I just lack self control (boy do I lack self control). Perhaps I missed my calling and its my brains way of coping.

Whatever it is I do know one thing: if I really, REALLY want to enjoy something? Wait until the next exams roll around. It’s going to be a fun ride!


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