Procrastination revisited

Ironic it is that I open this blog and the last post I wrote was on procrastination–3 years ago. HA!

Since then I’ve obtained a degree and moved a country. Life should have changed, except…it hasn’t?

I feel like the same idiotic person.

I feel like the same person I was TEN years ago. Is this why people say time flies? Is this why adults harp, complete with tortured youthful groans forming a background to their deaf preaching, that they did things a certain way WHEN THEY WERE YOUNGER? Because the memory is oh, so tortorously fresh? I can SO see myself preaching to someone ten years younger and then having a startling, sickening realization that I was turning into one of THEM.

Here I am talking about adults as if they’re a separate entity when I am, most certainly, an adult. UGH.

And where have I moved, one must ask?

Saudi Arabia. Muahahahahaha!

Life is certainly…interesting. I might even be inspired to post something. And yes, I am a young female currently living in Saudi Arabia. Inspiration to rant–uh, post, isn’t in short supply.


(Am I too lamely dated for saying that?)


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