There’s something about perfumes…

…that makes them excruciatingly hypnotic–and I don’t necessarily mean in an olfactory manner. It’s like possessing little, tightly seals bottles of expensive elixir that can create happiness, cure illnesses and eradicate world hunger.

Okay, I got carried away a bit.

If it isn’t obvious already, lately I’ve been battling a perfume obsession. I don’t know what it is about those darned little bottles that makes them so irresistible. Viewing countless collection videos and sifting through various perfume blogs makes me believe I’m not the only one. A tiny, cleverly crafted glass bottle with sparkling amber liquid and the metallic glint of a trustworthy brand name subtly engraved on the surface has the ability to turn women (and men) into Golum, cradling their new find crooning ‘My…Preciousss….’

*cringing at the lameness.

Anyways. I just needed to vent.






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